2013 Veg and Produce Swap

Veg Swap 2013With thanks to Rachel Aked

2013 saw the 2nd annual Veg & Produce Swap at the Arundel Food Festival – quite different to 2012 as a lot of produce cropped later last year! This did leave me in a slight predicament as like several other people – all I really had to swap was apples, anyway after having a bit of a think and getting out the secateurs – I brought along a variety of herbs from my garden including bunches of rosemary and bay leaves.

When 2pm arrived the table in the town square was laiden with baskets containing a mixture of produce from huge pumpkins to leeks to chillies through to rhubarb and ginger jam, which turned out to be beetroot chutney with the wrong label on! There were even glorious dahlias, so it was difficult to decide what to choose.

The Veg & Produce Swap was not limited to those who were lucky enough to have a garden or allotment, as for the first time this year those who had nothing to swap, could give a donation to FareShare… and many did!

We were also lucky enough to be given a wonderful selection of seeds by Suttons, which we handed out, so next year there won’t be any excuse not to have anything to bring along!

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