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Apple PressingArundel Town Square

With thanks to Felicity Jones for the words and Nick Jenkins for the photos

What a lovely Sunday in the town square and what a good reminder of the importance of food, cooking skills and inventive use of local produce.

Arundel Agenda 21 group was behind much of the organisation, with volunteers from residents and businesses helping. On their stall, Mike was dispensing Arundel water bags – light weight and easy to have about your person – to minimise plastic bottle use. You can even fill them up for free at the Water fountain by RSVP!

Agenda 21 volunteers were also making smoothies with blenders powered a bike – nothing like a bit of pedalling to work up an appetite for a yummy blend of banana, apple and ginger. They also ran the fruit and veg swap, with frenzied bidding for the enormous pumpkins and chutneys.

That was just the appetiser for the lovely Community Chef, Robin from Lewes. He has such a lovely manner and makes cooking understandable and fun for everyone. With chilled acoustic guitar music from Kyle Lake playing behind him, his stall was a constant buzz of interest in his veggie concoctions made from scratch. Let’s hope he’s inspired a few young (and young at heart) chefs to have a go.

Arundel Surgery’s stallĀ  focused on making fruit and vegetables fun – with a food face competition, an apple tombola, ideas for healthy lunch boxes and much more. This is just the start of community events focusing on health and well being – look out for talks and
walks coming up.

It’s hard to believe all this was in the town square I know but there was even more! The wildfowl and wetlands trust reminded us food is not just for humans but also for our wild animal friends – particularly so as we go into autumn.

Arundel Fairtrade Town Group had tastings and information – Arundel was the first Fairtrade town in the county and we are lucky to have so many Fairtrade options around town.

The star of the show though was the National Trust apple pressing. A production line of volunteers peeled and cored the mounds of apples, and everyone was able to have a go turning these into fresh apple juice. Having had a taste of that, there’s no going back – we haven’t quite got room for a press at home but we will look out for fresh juice from local fruit.

Arundel really is a special town and sometimes it takes a simple gathering to make us realise and celebrate this. Well done to Agenda 21 and the Food Festival organisers for making this community day such a highlight of the week.

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