Activity Sunday Family Activities

Activity Sunday Family ActivitiesToday the first thing we went to was apple juicing where we got to cut the apples. It was really fun and worth doing. The juice was lush.
Then we tried Fairtrade chocolate samples, some curry that was more for adults I think and making fruit plates.
The best was bread making. First they taught us about the berries and leaves that you can eat in the wild. I would highly recommend the bread making, it was child friendly and tasted epic.
Alfie (13)

Today we went to town and first we cut some apples to get crushed and juiced. I didn’t try the apple juice, but from what I’ve heard I think it is L.A.M.E (Literally Awesome Majorly Epic). So if you bring your own apples you get loads of good juice.
Grace (9)

Today there was no Farmers Market in the town square, but there was an apple presser. We cut the apples and put them into the presser and it made divine apple juice.
We learned not to feed bread to birds and made some faces out of healthy fruit and veg. Then we went to Mill Road and we made bread out of flour and water mixed with honey. They told us all about berries and food that grows in the wild with nature. My bread was toasty and delicious. I cooked it on a stick on a fire.
Sam (10)

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2 Responses to Activity Sunday Family Activities

  1. wayne says:

    I’m glad you all enjoyed the bread making and wild foods with Forest Knights.

  2. Thanks to all the parents and children who came to see us at the Kids Go Wild event. Very enjoyable day for us.

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