Activity Sunday 2012

With thanks to Kay Wagland for the words and Christian Doyle for the pictures

Activity Sunday

With a forecast of rain, a dire year for apples and other tree fruit and key volunteers away, Activity Sunday was a recipe for disaster….and turned out great!

The rain just about held off, people rallied, finding the productive fruit trees and extra volunteers chipped in. Jonathan at Pallant pulled out all the stops.

Apple pressing with the National Trust was scaled down from last year, but demonstrated well what a great activity pressing for juice is. Lots of visitors had a go and the juice was really delicious.

Robin, the Community Chef was creative, instructive and informative. There were big crowds round his stand in the town square and lots of appreciative noises during his free tastings. He explained how to use leftovers and seasonal vegetables – particularly with pears, this year. And his parsley salsa is to die for. A real winner.

Arundel Agenda 21 staffed the smoothie bike and fed apple, pear and banana smoothies to people who’d put in the cycling effort to run the blender making them, as well as explaining about the campaign to encourage everyone to ditch bottled water and turn to tap, with the Arundel Water Carrier and drinking fountain. Special appreciation here to Nell and Mick for making this happen.

The WWT Arundel bird cake makers and Museum and FairTrade volunteers kept everyone interested and involved.

What a lovely day with drizzle…

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