Drip Action Dinner Theatre at The Swan Hotel

With thanks to Joanne Rothery for the words and Christian Doyle for the pictures.

Drip Action Dinner Theatre at The Swan Hotel

A taste of drama was served up with dinner at The Swan Hotel on Thursday evening, and it was a great recipe for success.
Drip Action Theatre staged nine different brief scenarios, carefully chosen to tie in with the theme of food, some highly-amusing, others thought-provoking.
Among the best, and getting the evening off to a fine opening before starters were served, was Harold Pinter’s Bus Stop, performed by Justine Richardson with Richard Tyrell, Maria Olarte, Damian Jennings, Tonya James and John Nurse. Here the facial expressions of the cast captured to perfection the typically-British reaction to being presented with an embarrassing situation.
Paul Jones did a fine job of delivering the amusingly gruesome tale of how Horace ate himself, to the horror of his parents, before the audience/diners all tucked into some delicious starters.
Then it was time for another star turn with Hendon, performed by Damian Jennings and Richard Tyrell, before the tasty main courses appeared, to be followed by another three performances, including an excellent snippet from Alan Ayckbourn’s Table Manners.
Conjuror Damian Jennings defeated all attempts from the sharp-eyed audience to work out how he performed an extremely clever trick – accompanied by his excellent banter.
The puddings were simply wonderful, a perfect ending to a fascinating evening, beautifully hosted by Beate, landlady of The Swan, and congratulations must go to all the Drip Action players for providing a very entertaining accompaniment to a delicious meal.

For reservations at The Swan Hotel, phone 01903 882314. Details of upcoming Drip Action Theatre performances can be found on their website: www.dripaction.co.uk.

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