Drip Action Dinner Theatre at The Swan Hotel

Drip Action Dinner Theatre

An actor reports… With thanks to John Nurse on behalf of Drip Action Theatre

It was alright on the nights. The Swan’s popular dining and theatre evenings, Saturday and Sunday, went very well indeed. Both were fully booked. Five comedy playlets were written by either local author extraodinaire Simon Brett or Drip Action Theatre Company’s very own patriarch, Bill Brennan. They were acted by Bill Brennan, Tonya James, Damian Jennings, Maria Olartie, Paul Jones and John Nurse.

The performance started with a supermarket loyalty spoof, acted by Damien and Tonya. After this, a sketch covering an imaginary Railway Announcers Ball; Bill on a distorted mic and the actors holding their noses to produce very convincing announcers’ voices.

Starters were followed by a micro-surgeons dinner, narrated by Paul, holding his notes on a postage stamp sized piece of paper and actors using cocktail sticks to eat with. The next play, based in Northern Island, was an amusing dig at the goings on in Belfast and fatured the actors using dubious Northern Irish accents.

After the main course was a corny, but funny, murder mystery play. This was acted by all. Damian Jennings followed this with an amazing conjuring trick. How does he do it?

After sweets, the last play was a lesson in ‘Restaurant Italian’. The script used Italian food names in pretend conversation to tell a tragic love story. Bill translated the meanings while it was hugely overacted by all.

A great thanks to the landlady Beata Slapikaite for hosting such fun theatre evenings complete with excellent food. Thanks also to the busy and good-humoured staff. I  admit to not being completely impartial, but going by the laughter, the audience participation and  the complementary comments, I had to conclude it was a great success.  It is worth booking well in advance for the next one.

John Nurse was treading the boards at The Swan Hotel, as part of Drip Action Theatre Company’s Dinner Theatre event. To find out about future events at The Swan, visit swanarundel.co.uk or call 01903 882314. Christmas bookings now being taken!

Dinner Theatre

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