Family Treasure Hunt

No, you CAN’T have our answers!*
(With thanks to ‘Chichester Mum‘ for the words)

The Book Ferret, Arundel

Pert of The Book Ferret's Food Festival window display

“The Family Food Festival Treasure Hunt is a marvellous idea from Arundel’s Xtraordinary Xperiences. A sheet of devious, Food Festival-based treasure hunt questions can be picked up from The Book Ferret for a fiver, and families can spend a couple of hours walking round town, browsing for the answers (and visiting the local shops in the process) while little Jenny/Jonny are kept busy. At least a couple of hours of  occupied shopping -  and there’s the chance of a prize at the end of it!

I tried it out with my own ‘little Jenny’ (10), and a friend with her two in tow (aged 6 and 4). Neither of us are from Arundel. On the way through the hunt, we had a really engaging time talking to local shopkeepers, finding out things about the town we didn’t know before, and tasting the odd free sample here and there. Combined with the Footsteps of Food trail, it’s a great way to get to know Arundel and what it has to offer. Good on you, Food Festival organisers for thinking of those of us with kids! Many wouldn’t have. They all seemed to be having a blast. We’ll all be back on Saturday for the Family Food Day

*The answer to Family Treasure Hunt number 7 is on this very website! Try looking around here

The Arundel Food Festival Family Treasure Hunt from XtraordinaryXperiences is available from The Book Ferret for £5 (cash) There is also a Grown-Ups version (the Sip Sup and Nibble Treasure Hunt) taking place (with live music and refreshments) on Thursday of this week.

The Book Ferret is hosting two Food Festival Events – click here for more details and how to book:
Tuesday October 18, 8pm
Eat my words – An evening of food-themed poetry and prose
Tursday October 20, 7:30pm
Feeding the Kids – how to get it right.

Families may also be interested in the lineup for Family Food Day on Saturday 22nd – click here for details.

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