Foodie Pubs Near Arundel

There was a time when British pubs were very much a homogeneous affair.

Although it might seem like a long time ago now, at some points in our history it has been socially unacceptable for women to order drinks at the bar. Pubs used to be very much a male dominated arena and with this came many stead-fast traditions that have taken decades to fade away. For a long time the only drinks that were readily available at most pubs was traditional hand-pulled ale, televisions were not a common sight and you’d be surprised to see any kind of hot prepared food. From the 50s to the 80s pubs remained smoky, stale places for mostly men to drink copious pints and chomp down the occasional picked egg.

Pubs weren’t initially built to serve hot food. They didn’t have the requisite space for a kitchen, or any of the infrastructure that was necessary for the preparation of restaurant quality food. Items such as gas hobs, AC-DC power supplies and walk-in fridges were big investments for these small businesses, especially when the return wasn’t guaranteed. In the mid-90s however big money and corporate might was levied at the pub industry, leading to investment and the rise of the gentrified gastro-pub that we are familiar with today.

There are plenty of lovely foodie-friendly pubs near Arundel, so make sure to stop by one whilst you’re in the area:

The Bridge Inn


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If you’re looking for a simple, quaint country pub to relax in then look no further than The Bridge Inn, Amberley. This independently run business is a favourite with the locals and visitors alike, offering some classic pub meals (like Steak and Kidney Suet Pudding) alongside some rather unusual options such as Tunisian Style Stew. On Sundays you can make the most of their excellent roast and even sit outside to eat it!

The St Maryโ€™s Gate Inn


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Built in the 26th year of Henry VIII’s reign in 1525, this 16th century inn espouses true historical heritage and is the home of delicious hearty, home-style food. The selection of real ales here always include a number of award-winners and it’s perfectly situated in the centre of Arundel. You’ll find this pub right next to the Cathedral, which makes it a real hive of activity during the peak summer season. Their Tanglefoot Beer Hand Battered Cod is definitely worth checking out!

The George at Burpham


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The George puts the locals interest directly at heart, so it’s unsurprising that its popular throughout the year come rain or shine. Having been opened for some 300 years, it’s one of a few local pubs that have garnered national accolades and awards, including a notable mention in the 2019 Michelin Guide. Just a couple of miles outside of Arundel, this pub is locally owned and serves locally sourced food that is cooked with real passion. The menu changes on a daily basis, so it’s best to pop in and see what they have on offer!

George & Dragon, Houghton


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Owners Gavin and Carole bought this ailing pub in 2009 in the middle of financial recession after being dismayed at the sorry state that it had been led into. Today it’s a bustling centre of the community with a vibrant daily menu of excellent dishes including some excellent fish and even a handful of vegan dishes. The George & Dragon is one of the oldest pubs in Sussex, you’ll find parts of the building that have been around since 1276!

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