Guest Blog: Apple Pressing

With thanks to Rita Godfrey from Arundel Agenda 21 for the words, and Mick Parr for the pictures:

Arundel Agenda 21 Apple Pressing

“Having spent the week rounding up apples from the allotment and from friends and neighbours, I turned up at the apple pressing, organised by the Arundel Agenda 21 Group, with a few baskets of apples. Mark Wardle and his team from National Trust were setting up their apple pressing equipment and we started chopping apples, then from nowhere (it seemed) Tarrant Square was heaving with people with baskets, carrier bags, buckets full of apples to be crushed. The apples were pooled and those who had bought apples and helped chop the mound were rewarded with bottles to take home. Some of the more canny were filling demi-johns to make cider.  The sun was shining, the air was filled with the aroma of fresh apples and the process started.  I had a go at prodding the chopped apple through the scratter (a monster mincing machine for those not in the know) and pretended to help press the apples in the huge press, a thing of beauty made from oak and iron – sorry I got carried away there.
The result, apple juice that was the best I have ever tasted, a mix of all the apples, everyone who tried it was amazed. And it was all ours – Arundel Apple Juice. You don’t get more fresh, local and seasonal than that, and that is what the Arundel Food Festival is all about.
Oh, and no fingers were lost in the melee of excited people with sharp knives – much to my surprise…”
Arundel Agenda 21 have also organised the Kings Arms Food Quiz on Tuesday 18 October (with help from Charlie at the Kings and Mr Bob) plus the Community Chef event on Saturday 22nd October. They are currently seeking new members and volunteers, plus help with a local Orchard Mapping project. Email via this link for further details.

Thanks to The National Trust, Better Tomorrows and Arundel Castle for their help with this event.

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