Guest Blog: Nigel Lambert at Zimmer Stewart Gallery

With thanks to James Stewart for the words and pictures.

“For this year’s Arundel Food Festival from 15-23 October, we will be featuring ceramics by Nigel Lambert. He says “My pots are not complete until they are arranged on a table set with food.
These bright colourful pieces are thrown on a wheel in earthenware, altered in shape, glazed in bright colours and then wood fired. The results are a range of unique pieces which work well on their own or simply complement other existing crockery.
Historic pots and potters have been a strong influence on Nigel’s approach to ceramics. From the warm colours of old French and Spanish peasant-ware, to the potters Michael Cardew, Peter Smith and Jeff Oestrich.
His interest in the work of abstract painters, particularly Roger Hilton, Terry Frost, Patrick Heron and other artists from the Cornish peninsula, has influenced his work and the decorative marks he makes. Nigel Lambert lives and works in Gloucestershire.”

Nigel Lambert images from Zimmer Stewart Gallery

Zimmer Stewart Gallery is supporting Arundel Food Festival as a Footsteps of Food venue. For more on this exhibition and to keep up to date with future events, visit their website here.

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