Guest Blog: The Sip, Sup and Nibble Town Treasure Hunt

With thanks to ‘La Parisienne‘ for the words.

Xtraordinary Xperiences logo“I am non-competitive by nature. I have a crashing, irrational fear of anything that whiffs of a corporate ‘team building’ event. I don’t quiz. The words ‘Hen’ and ‘Night’ in the same breath make me want to grab a bucket, plus the first black cab heading in the opposite direction, avoiding any KFCs on the way. I am not a ‘group treasure hunt’ natural. In fact, if I hadn’t agreed to blog this event for the Food Festival, I would probably have eaten my own leg (plus trouser, shoe, and sock) rather than be there. I am not Xtraordinary Xperience’s target market.
But what a fool I’ve been. I totally, completely, LOVED this evening.
We met at the newly-revamped White Hart on Queen Street, were issued with a clipboard of clues, a pencil and a map, plus a final rendezvous point and a finish time. Much drinking, bribing bar staff, attempting to trade answers, drinking, learning about local breweries and real ales, drinking, checking out menus and wine lists at the featured venues, drinking, learning about dairy, veg and bread suppliers, drinking, making new friends and having a brilliant night out in Arundel pubs and restaurants ensued. This took a good couple of (chronologically telescopic) hours.
We eventually ended up at Arundel Jailhouse (which for out-of-towners, is no longer part of the British Judiciary System, so nowhere near as bad as it sounds). In the interests of not giving away spoilers for future events, all I will say is what they did to us there was FIENDISH. And DIABOLIC. And NUMERIC. And BRILLIANT. And accompanied by the most marvellous live music, courtesy first of Arundel favourite Will Hall, and then by the accomplished and haunting songs of Johanna and Matt.
A MAHOOSIVE veggie-friendy and gorgeous buffet courtesy of the Red Lion was included in the the ticket price; everyone went home with a pocketful of treasure, and the organisers couldn’t have been more helpful and/or friendly if a bunch of ghost convicts were forcing them into it.
Xtraordinarily well organised, and a wonderful Xperience? Yes. 100%. I’m a complete convert. Still not up for a Hen Night, though (unless these guys are running it…)

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