Healthy Eating with Arundel Surgery

With thanks to Debbie Burchell

ASCA Healthy Food

The smiling faces of Joolz, Liz, Colin and Barbara were pulling the crowds to the Arundel Surgery Healthy Eating stand on Sunday morning at Arundel’s Food Festival. They are all part of the Arundel Surgery Community Association, the voluntary patient support group for Arundel Surgery.

The team were giving out lots of fun ideas to get your kids eating more vegetables and fruit, like making colourful kebabs and mixing up fruit smoothies to drink or freeze into lolly moulds.

Badges, bookmarks and colourful postcards with crosswords, quizzes and mazes were handed to every passer by, all geared to getting the children thinking about eating their five portions of fruit and veg every day.

The Make a Food Face Competition proved a success, with all kinds of creatures and faces created from various foods such as grapes, oranges, peppers and cucumber.

And the children were really enjoying having a go at another game where they had to find the spider under the apples, all winners took away lovely lollies and raisins.

Then…the heavens opened, winds blew, floods ran down the hill, but were they worried? No, they just invited people under their awning to do colouring and just kept on going strong, spreading the word about healthy eating. Well done all!!!

ASCA (Arundel Surgery Community Association) is a registered charity (number 10963930 that exists to support the work of Arundel Surgery. To find out more about the work they do and their achievements, see the website

Debbie Burchell is a trained chiropodist and children’s author based in Arundel. Her latest book, ‘Phoebe Bee in Ambrosia’ is available for pre-order now from Fitazalan Publishers

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