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We all love a sausage roll, but not everyone loves to actually bake.

Baking is a hobby that takes real time and effort, as opposed to eating which only requires the aforementioned if you’re intending on consuming a whole bakery.

Still, this goes a long way to explaining why there are so few bakers and so many cake eaters. Thankfully, Arundel is well known for its small community of baking enthusiasts who have been busying themselves for years creating and selling their fantastic baked goods.

It doesn’t matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s a top-class Apple Butterscotch Tart or an award-winning loaf, the bakers of Arundel and its surrounding areas can help you out:

Those Baker Girls

It’s always a pleasure to see people following their dreams and that’s exactly what Lesley and Gill Tapson have done. Whereas other people would have perhaps thought of starting a cleaning business or buying a pre-existing franchise, Lesley and Gill have followed their passion for baking and created a business that has proved to be an unqualified success. You can find them selling their wares at the Arundel’s Farmers’ Market on the third Sunday of every month (except August) or you can contact them directly to get a cake designed and baked for you!

13 Dozen Bakery

Every town has its ‘go-to’ bakery, a place where you’re guaranteed to be able to grab a bite to eat with minimum fuss and maximum satisfaction. For the town of Arundel that place 13 Dozen Bakery, whilst other towns might have fallen under the spell of chain stores and multinationals, the people of Arundel have stayed staunchly loyal to this little bake-house where you can pick up quality baked goods throughout the week, as well as fresh break, pasties, sandwiches, and a good range of hot and cold drinks. Long may the independent bakery reign!

Pallant of Arundel

There has been an independent grocers in Arundel for centuries, a tradition that Pallant of Arundel has sought to continue over the last decade. Business partners Mark Robinson & Jonathan Brantigan spent years working with some of the most prestigious food retailers in the business before deciding to start their own small business right here in Arundel. They sell everything from wines to cheese and meats, but there’s also a good range of pies and quiches to peruse too…

Drink Gin & Bake


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If all this chat about baking has got you eager to try your hand at doing some yourself, then why not give it a go? Although you could find a cookery book or peruse the internet for a recipe that catches your eye – there’s no need to bother looking when Wiz from Drink Gin & Bake has dedicated a whole blog to outrageously attractive bakes. Wiz is an Arundel-based engineer-cum-amateur baker who has been wowing the internet with her wacky creations, and she’s been kind enough to share the recipes! You can check out her Instagram to keep up to date with what she’s been making and then head to her blog to look for how to make them!

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