Park Farm Open Day

With thanks to Kelly Wickham for the words

A cold Sunday afternoon, with an icy breeze didn’t put visitors off from attending Park Farm Open Day, just west of Arundel.

Home to free-range chickens, South Down lambs, Sussex cattle and horses, visitors packed in to see James Seller, farm owner and his staff in action and Adam Shereston perform his famous horse whispering skills.
Young children were invited to sit on tractors and other farm machinery and were described as quite literally “running their parents ragged!

I spoke to James Sellar, farm owner about the day’s success and how he had found the poor summer had affected his farm.
“We got through the summer, I’d say it was about average” explained James. “It looks to be a disastrous autumn however, with only about 10% of my crops in. If it dries out enough, I’d say it would be a mediocre year ahead, it’s just a huge knock on effect from the autumn.”

James opened his farm for the Arundel Food Festival for the second year and is looking forward to being asked again in 2013. “If I’m honest, the end of October is a little late for farm events” he said. “However, it’s definitely worth doing and we’ve had similar numbers to last year despite the cold today!”
Old and young flocked to Park Farm and encouraged to browse around at their leisure, looking at the sheep, cattle, chickens and general running of a farm.

The most successful attraction for the Farm was definitely Adam Shereston, the livery manager as he performed his horse whispering skills. Adam claims his ingredients for success are good feel, intuition, balance and timing, and partnerships based on trust, respect and understanding.

A wonderful free day out for all ages, seeing a fabulous part of English Heritage in action.

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