Processional Dinner

With thanks to Jacqueline Curtis for the words and Christian Doyle for the pictures.

2012 Arundel Food Festival Processional Dinner

This was the third processional dinner and, having been on all three I would say, definitely the best to date! Starting off at The Osteria for canapés and fizz we then ‘processed’ down to Boca Nuevo at The White Hart. I have to confess I have never poached an egg successfully which is why I am in awe of Alan Maynard who managed to send 30 perfectly poached eggs atop hash browns and chorizo out of the kitchen all at the same time.

The main course at The Arundel House Brasserie was a surprise to me having ben told a few weeks ago that we were eating lamb – I soon cottoned on when I realised that there was no mint sauce on the table! The duck was superb – perfectly cooked and partnered by a very smooth Rioja. I will definitely be eating there again.

The desserts kept coming at The Swan. Brownies and ice cream, pear tart, a lovely butterscotch creamy confection and then a quartet of delicious pots at the end. Could we wish for anything more?
Well evidently we could! So it was a trot down Tarrant Street to The King’s Arms for cheese and port. I love cheese and the array of British, mainly local cheese was very tempting.

The King’s Arms must be one of the prettiest places in Arundel on a dark autumn night with fairy lights twinkling like stars inside and out. And talking of stars – not only were all the chefs up there in my galaxy but also Rachel Maynard who herded us from venue to venue and introduced us to all the chefs. Rachel was responsible for organising the dinner this year and we owe her a big thank you for a lovely evening.

To contact the venues involved in this year’s Processional Dinner:
Osteria Pappardelle: 01903 882025
Boca Nuevo: 01903 884422
Arundel House Brasserie: 01903 882136
Swan Hotel Arundel: 01903 882314
Kings Arms: 01903 882312

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