The First Veg & Produce Swap!

With thanks to Jacqueline Curtis for the words and Christian Doyle for the pictures

Veg and Produce Swap 2012

‘Will anyone turn up?’ – was the question we asked ourselves before the launch of the first veg and produce swap yesterday.

Well the answer was a resounding YES! and we had some great veg and produce available to swap and Angela, our Town Crier ensured that we started with a flourish.

Magnificent pumpkins and enormous carrots suitable for soup or horses! Gavin’s jam was a hit and Caroline’s family bought masses of veg and flowers. If you’ve not tried Rita’s Jerusalem artichokes either roasted or in soup you are missing a treat. And we mustn’t forget the girl from Walberton who swapped her beautifully decorated biscuits. The weather this year resulted in some poor returns from local allotments and gardens but next year we will be back building on our success!

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